Welcome to the Foothills!

As you cross the bridge over the Tongue River you come into the small (population 565) town of Dayton, Wyoming.

Tubing under Tongue River Bridge


Dayton is located at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains, part of the Rocky Mountain chain. The Tongue River begins atop the Bighorns, flows down through the Tongue River Canyon to Dayton, then turns north and eventually flows into the Yellowstone River.


Your Tour of the Campground Starts at the Entrance.

Cattle Drive through Dayton


Despite its small size, Dayton does have occasional traffic jams. If you visit in the spring or fall you might have to wait for one of the local ranchers to finish driving their cattle through town on the way to or from mountain pastures.


Campground Bathrooms


Our campground is located in an old native cottonwood grove along the Tongue River. Sites are laid out in a non-traditional way to follow the natural contours of the land.



Tongue River vista


Tent and no-hook-up sites are along the river. You can fish for Brown Trout in the Tongue River right along the campground (a license is required).



Kids are welcome


Kids are welcome. You can bring your own chairs or use a handy log. Most of all just relax and enjoy the soothing melody of the river.



Log Cabin in the Fall


We have an original log camping cabin. It has multiple beds and a wood stove for heat in the spring and fall. It's a nice alternative to camping out if the weather is rainy.


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