Tongue River Cave

The Tongue River begins on top of the Big Horn Mountains and flows down through the Tongue River Canyon that the river has cut over time. The rocks of the canyon are dolomitic limestone of the Madison formation. Over time the river water has disolved extensive underground passages. There are many shallow caves located on the sides of the canyon.

The Tongue River Cave begins at an opening on the side of the canyon. The first section of the cave is heavily used and has a lot of graffiti. The farther reaches of the cave have much less dammage. WARNING! The easier parts of the cave near the entrance are not representative of the main part of the cave. There are narrow passages, rough climbs, and wet and slippery footing. Do not go into the cave unless you are an experienced spelunker or have a good local guide!

Map of Tongue River Cave

NOTE: This map is based on a poor quality copy. A better copy has been found and the map will be updated as time is vailable.

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