Extended Hikes

Devils Canyon

  For a moderate to difficult overnight trip take 4WD road #137 past Porcupine Campground on F.S. #13. Follow Trail #53 west then north 8 miles to the bottom of Devils Canyon
The canyon is definitely off the beaten path and has much to offer the visitor seeking outdoor recreation experiences. Elk and mule deer are common throughout the area. Occasionally, black bear and bighorn sheep are sighted. Trout fishing, although limited because of steep and inaccessible terrain, can be enjoyed on the upper stretches of Porcupine Creek.

Tongue River Canyon

  The more adventurous hiker may want to continue the Tongue River Canyon hike. Follow the directions for the Tongue River Canyon Day Hike. The trail continues up past Horse Creek and toward Skull Ridge. The trail eventually splits into two routes. The right fork heads north toward Freeze Out Point and meets a four-wheel drive road, while the left fork heads toward Burgess Junction and meets FSR 196.
  This is an arduous hike. You will climb from about 3,900 ft (1,200 m) at the end of the road to 7,300 ft (2,250 m) at Skull Ridge, drop down to 6,000 ft (1,850 m) and climb to 8,300 ft (2,550 m) if you take the fork to Freeze Out Point.

Little Bighorn River Canyon/Dry Fork (Bull Elk Park, West Pass)

  This area of the north end of the forest, near the Montana State Line has moderate to difficult trails and is recommended for multiple day trips.
  Take the US Hwy 14 west exit (Exit 9) off I-90 north of Sheridan. Turn north on Wyoming 345 (old US 87). Turn west on the Little Bighorn River Rd 1/2 mile south of Wyola, Mt. Follow it to the Pass Creek Rd.
At the Pass Creek and Little Bighorn River road intersection (north of the MT-WY border and south of the Little Bighorn River Bridge) continue southwest on the 4WD road for 3 miles to the trailhead. This 4WD road which crosses private land (with Forest Service easement), is not recommended for trailers. A signed parking area is available near the end of this road, in the vicinity of the Forest boundary.
  Trail #50 proceeds southwest into the canyon - paralleling the Little Bighorn River. Trail #4 (Dry Fork Trail) crosses to the south side of the river 1/4 mile from the trailhead at the footbridge. The Dry Fork Trail angles south for 11 miles on the east side of the Dry Fork Canyon. The first mile of moderate hiking traverses forest and meadows. the next section of trail is more challenging; climbing from 5,000 to 7,000 feet elevation in 2 or 3 miles. the Dry Fork Trail ends at the Miller Cow Camp cabin by Miller Creek. From there 4WD road #149 leads to FS Rd #168.
  Trail #50 (Little Bighorn River Canyon trail) heads southwest along the river on the north side of the canyon, below Boyd Ridge and Leaky Mountain. It turns west up Wagon Box Creek then south along Duncan Creek, past Burnt Mountain, and ending 18 miles later at 4WD road #135 and FS Rd #11. One mile above the Little Bighorn River Canyon trailhead, trl #96 leaves the river bottom, angling northwest and west. It passes under Fisher Mountain and ends 5 miles later on Boyd Ridge at 4WD rd #110. Six and 1/2 miles above the trailhead, tr #74 crosses to the south side of the river and continues another 4 miles to 4WD rd #125.

Walker Prairie (Dayton South, Walker Mountain, Beckton, Park Reservoir)

  Through the Walker Prairie there are numerous trails for easy to moderate day hikes, and moderate to difficult multiple-day hikes.
  On this trip a hiker, or hikers could be dropped off and picked up 20 miles later.
  Start below Steamboat Rock off US Hwy 14. Take a 4WD rd #220 down to the Little Tongue River to Trail #5. (From here to Fallen City is an uphill side-trip to the east). Heading south, Trail #5 crosses the South Fork of the Little Tongue River and passes the Elephant Foot rock formation. At Sibley Creek, take Trl#1 across Bear Creek and up Wolf Creek. At Quartz Creek take Trail#14 across Walker Prairie past Big Mountain, Little Mountain and Walker Mountain. Trail #3 heads southwest, then south to just north of Sawmill Lakes. Turning west up Sawmill Creek Trail #9 leads to Sawmill Pass and FS #26 Big Goose Road.
  It is possible to continue down Walker Creek on trl #14 past She Bear Mountain, crossing Prairie Creek, and 1/2 mile later the West Fork of Big Goose at the Steel Bridge. From this point there are two options:
  A. Take 4WD rd #312 (Game Creek Trail) out to FS rd #26.
  B. Continue on trl #14 to the East Fork of Big Goose. (One half mile downstream from this point are the Big Goose Falls). Trail #14 turns south and heads upstream along the East Fork of Big Goose to 4WD rd #296, Big Goose Ranger Station and FS rd #26.
This trail starts at an elevation of 7,200 ft at Steamboat Rock and ends at and elevation of 9,000 ft at the Big Goose Road.

Day Hikes

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